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UC-II® Joint Care Oil for Dogs

UC-II® Joint Care Oil for Dogs

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When zoomies require a little support!

UC-II® oil for dogs offers UC-II in a unique delivery format and as an alternative to our UC-II Joint Care Dog Chews. This is a great alternative for dogs on a restrictive diet or if you would like to mix their daily dose into their food.

Key benefits

  • UC-II® is clinically proven to reduce pain and improve mobility and flexibility
  • Rebuilds healthy cartilage to improve joint health
  • Significantly proven to reduce pain caused by arthritis in dogs
  • Made with UC-II, MCT oil and chicken flavouring 
  • Fewer ingredients to make it accessible for dogs on restrictive diets or with sensitivities.
  • Hypoallergenic recipe 
  • Available in two sizes - 10ml and 30ml℮

This type of collagen for dogs alleviates joint discomfort by collaborating with your pet's body to minimise inflammation and boost collagen production through the power of UC-II. As a result, they enhance joint flexibility and mobility. Whether you wish to aid your senior dog in moving more comfortably or proactively prevent future joint issues, this oil is perfect for maintaining your dog's agility and ensuring they stay free from discomfort, enabling them to enjoy activities like running, jumping, climbing stairs, and engaging in lively play without issue.

What is UC-II®?

Derived from chicken sternum cartilage, this type of collagen for dogs is called UC-II® and is clinically proven to improve joint health made of undenatured type II collagen. The type II collagen found in joint cartilage is crucial for cushioning, gliding, and mechanical strength. By supporting total joint function and cartilage preservation, UC-II® improves joint health. It is especially important for dogs who are ageing or have joint issues. Because it comes from natural sources, this type of collagen for dogs it's a great choice if you like holistic and more natural methods of promoting your dog's health. Go to our blog to find out more. 

Joint Care Dog Oil Dosage: 

Collagen for dogs Dosage

Dose using the syringe provided in the dog’s mouth or on top of their food in the evening to allow the active ingredient (UC-II®) to work overnight. 

Always provide fresh and clean water for your pet. 

Who are UC-II® dog chews for?

Regardless of your dog's age, this dog joint supplement provides natural support to keep them agile and free from discomfort, so they can continue to run, jump, climb stairs, and engage in playful zoomies. UC-II also aids with rebuilding cartilage in the joints making it a perfect option if your dog is suffering from conditions like arthritis.

UC-II Oil vs. UC-II Chews

Finding which product format is best for your dog will depend on various factors and what works best for your dog. 

Our UC-II oil is made with very few ingredients, which makes it great for dogs on restrictive diets due to allergies or weight gain. Our oil is also great if you like to give supplements around mealtime and like to avoid additional food intake. On the other hand, our delicious UC-II joint chews are easy and quick to administer and provide your dog with a delicious chew format to deliver UC-II. 

Signs of Dog Joint Pain 

As dog owners, we always strive for our dogs to be happy and healthy. Dogs can encounter joint pain due to various factors like ageing, genetics, injuries, or conditions like arthritis. It’s crucial to be observant of your dog’s behaviour and recognise signs that may to joint pain. Common indications include: 

  • Change in Activity Level: A decrease in overall activity, such as becoming disinterested in playtime or walks, may indicate joint pain. This can be accompanied by increased periods of sleep. Additionally, a reduction in the duration of exercise may indicate discomfort, especially in older dogs.
  • Reluctance or Difficulty Moving: Dogs in pain may exhibit hesitation or sluggishness in their movements, particularly if they associate motion with discomfort. If your dog appears slow to rise or move after a period of inactivity, this may indicate joint stiffness. Difficulty in activities like jumping onto furniture, climbing stairs, or navigating obstacles they once handled effortlessly could be a result of joint pain.
  • Limping or Favouring a Leg:  Limping, holding up a leg, or favouring one side while walking may be indicative of joint discomfort or pain. Some dogs may display an altered gait, such as a "bunny hopping" motion in the hind legs.
  • Behavioural Changes: Joint pain can lead to irritability or increased sensitivity in dogs. Unusual grumpiness or negative reactions to touch in specific areas might be responses to pain. In severe cases, dogs may vocalize their discomfort through whining, whimpering, or even yelping when in motion or touched. 

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Complementary pet food for adult dogs 

Composition: MCT oil, UC-II type II collagen, natural vegan chicken flavour, glyceryl monostearate 

Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 0%, Crude Fat 96%, Crude Fibre 0%, Crush Ash 0%, Moisture 0% 

Joint Care Dog Oil FAQs

When will I start to see results? 

Studies investigating the benefits of UC-II® in dogs with arthritis have found you can start seeing results within 30 days, with an optimal and significant reduction in feelings of pain within 90 days.

Why should I be consistent with giving my dog UC-II®?

Because each dog is unique, we recommend administering UC-II® for the full 90-day period, or at least 30 days, before evaluating results. It is also critical to be consistent, as studies discovered that dogs indicated a relapse of some discomfort following a 30-day withdrawal period. UC-II®, like many other dog joint supplements, requires constant use over time to achieve noticeable and optimal outcomes.

Can I partner UC-II® with CBD? 

Yes, you can combine our UC-II® chews with CBD oil for dogs or CBD dog treats.  These two ingredients will work together with their bodies to help them feel their best. As CBD works quickly in the body, it can start providing support while UC-II® builds up in the body.

Can UC-II® be used with prescription-only medicines?

 Since UC-II® is made from natural ingredients, it is safe to use with prescription medication. However, if your dog is taking any arthritic or anti-inflammatory medication, it is always best to discuss it with your veterinarian. 

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