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Protein Shaker Bottle

Protein Shaker Bottle

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Third Party Testing

Carbon Neutral Company

Key benefits

  • 600ml capacity
  • Multi-use shaker – perfect for protein powder 
  • Created with quality materials
  • BPA-free
  • With blender ball for lump-free shakes

Product overview

Hate the taste of grainy, unmixed shakes? Try our Protein Shaker Bottle for lump-free supplementing, every single time.

Constructed with certified BPA-free, quality materials, our Protein Shaker Bottle is perfect for mixing protein, post-workout shakes and any other supplements on-the-go. Complete with a blender ball to make mixing easy, this convenient, multi-use shaker is perfect for using at home, the gym, or at work.

How do I use the Protein Shaker Bottle?

Please follow the suggested use on the label of any product you choose for the best way to enjoy your protein shake and daily supplements.

Looking for a quality protein powder to support your fitness goals? Our Grass-Fed Whey Protein delivers over 20g of quality protein in a delicious shake. Available in both Vanilla and Chocolate flavours, this everyday supplement is certified hormone-free for complete peace of mind.

Need a plant-based option? Our Vegan Protein Blend delivers 24g pea protein isolate per serving and is low in fat and sugar, too. Perfect for adding to your morning porridge, post-workout shakes and smoothies.

Do not use this product with hot or warm liquids. Placing hot or warm liquids into sealed containers creates excess pressure and can cause the top and/or seal to open unexpectedly and spray the contents. When washing the product, we recommend that you keep the lid off at all times.


Is the Protein Shaker Bottle safe?

Absolutely. Our Protein Shaker Bottle was constructed with quality materials, including Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP), completely free from the harmful plastic chemical BPA.

Not only is it robust, multi-use, and designed to serve up lump-free shakes, this essential wellbeing accessory is certified 100% safe for everyday use.


Why choose Naturecan?

Constructed with quality, certified-safe materials, and designed to optimise functionality, each of our accessories are created to support your path to everyday wellbeing.


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