Active Curcumin Explained: 3 Potential Benefits For You

Active curcumin explained

What is curcumin and why is it important?

Curcumin is a bright yellow chemical produced by plants of the Curcuma Longa species. It is a common spice and food-colouring agent, as well as the main active ingredient in turmeric.

Turmeric is a spice that has been used for millennia in Asia, and is a staple of Ayurvedic medicine. Curcumin is what gives turmeric its distinctive yellow colour, and is known to support the immune system and maintain brain function.

What else is Curcumin known as?

Curcumin can be known as many different things, including:

- Turmeric Extract
- Curcuma Curry extract
- Curcuma Longa

What is NovaSOL?

NovaSOL is a micellar delivery system that converts curcumin into a fully water-soluble and PH stable form, allowing it to be delivered into the blood plasma with increased oral bioavailability.

Naturecan’s Active Curcumin - Why you need it

Powered by NovaSOL, Naturecan’s vegetarian-friendly Active Curcumin combines 500mg curcumin with your daily dose of Vitamin D3, helping to support your immune system and maintain everyday brain function, plus many more benefits which include:

  • 24 hour action
  • No fillers
  • Suitable for vegetarians 
  • Added vitamin D3
  • Allergen free
active curcumin explained

What is Curcumin good for? 3 Potential benefits you should consider

Curcumin offers a range of potential health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant defence and potential support for brain health.

Whether consumed in turmeric capsules or by incorporating turmeric into your everyday diet, curcumin is believed to benefit overall health potentially.

1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Working by inhibiting the activity of inflammatory enzymes in the body, this may help to potentially alleviate chronic inflammation. Research suggests that regular consumption of curcumin may reduce certain symptoms of inflammation.

2. Antioxidant Defence: Curcumin may help to neutralise harmful free radicals within the body. By bolstering the body’s antioxidant defence, curcumin may potentially protect cells and tissue from oxidative stress.

3. Brain Health and Cognitive Function: Emerging research suggests that curcumin may potentially help with brain health and cognitive function. Curcumin's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are thought to play a role in reducing brain inflammation.

Although more research is needed, incorporating curcumin or turmeric tablets into your daily routine may be a promising strategy to support cognitive well being and bodily defence. We always recommend speaking with your doctor before consuming any tablets or supplements.

How & when do I take active Curcumin capsules?

Don’t worry, we’ve made it simple for you. Simply take one Active Curcumin capsule with water every day. 

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Active curcumin explained infographic