Why buy CBD from Naturecan?

With numerous studies citing CBD as an effective natural remedy for inflammation, anxiety, and insomnia, the most important question now facing customers is: How do I choose the right CBD brand?

At Naturecan, we pride ourselves on being as close to nature as we can. This means that all of our products are sustainably sourced and designed to offer a natural, safe and effective solution to common health complaints. Before we explore what makes Naturecan's oil different, let's take a quick look at the core ingredient: CBD.

What Is CBD?

CBD (or cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating compound found in relative abundance in the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). Scientific studies indicate that CBD can help to manage a range of medical conditions, including anxiety, inflammation, insomnia, and chronic pain.

When consumed, CBD binds to the body's cannabinoid receptors and interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ENS). The endocannabinoid system is part of the Central Nervous System (CNS) and regulates parts of the body to ensure that ‘Homeostasis’ or a steady state is maintained. The ENS is known to affect functions such as pain, sleep, memory, learning, hunger and energy.

CBD is the main active ingredient in hemp-based products, including oils, tinctures, edibles and skin care products. To explore Naturecan's full range of CBD products, please click here.

Why Choose Naturecan?

Naturecan offers an extensive and exclusive range of quality CBD products and supplements. With websites live in over 30 countries worldwide, we use our global reach to deliver the health benefits of CBD to a growing customer base.

All of Naturecan’s products are created using industry-leading technology, and undergo rigorous testing practices with third parties in order to ensure product quality, customer safety and supply chain transparency.

Our CBD oil is a broad-spectrum distillate, with non-detectable levels of THC and high bioavailability, making it the safest and purest oil on the market. It is derived exclusively from US-grown hemp plants, which means that we never use isolates or any man-made synthetic material, and only ever use natural, plant-based CBD.

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Our Extraction Process

Once our hemp plants have been tested, qualified for use and harvested, they undergo three key extraction processes:

1. CO2 Extraction

Pressurized carbon dioxide is passed through each plant in order to extract the desired CBD compounds and other phytochemicals. This creates a CBD concentrate (or crude oil) that is clean, high quality, and safe to consume.

2. Chromatography

We use an advanced chromatographic purification system developed by RotaChrom to separate the desired compounds from impurities and to remove as much THC as possible. This produces a concentrated output with non-detectable levels of THC (0.02%).

3. Distillation

The concentrate is further refined by distillation. This process allows the oil to retain minor cannabinoids and other hemp phytochemicals (which can enhance its effectiveness through the entourage effect) while removing any compounds, such as lipids, waxes, flavonoids and chlorophyll, which may negatively affect the taste, consistency and purity of the end product. The final step is the addition of organic MCT oil (extracted from coconut) as a carrier oil. We use MCT oil because it improves the bioavailability of CBD (the amount of CBD that enters the bloodstream) and has a mild taste.

Once distilled, the oil contains 90-95% CBD and at least 5% other, high quality minor cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBC, and CBDA. This rich and potent mix of phytochemicals and cannabinoids, with non-detectable levels of THC, makes this oil the most desirable core ingredient of CBD products on the market.

Our Testing Process

Our oil is not only market-leading in terms of quality - it is also the safest product on the market.

All our raw materials are tested and qualified for use before entering the extraction process, and all our end products then undergo rigorous independent testing to have their safety and potency guaranteed.

This process consists of at least six stages and includes tests for CBD potency, pesticides, heavy metals, microbial contamination and residual solvents.

Naturecan is also committed to full transparency, which is why we make all of our Certificates of Analysis available for you to view at any time.


With the effectiveness of CBD becoming more in focus across the health and wellness space, many new CBD brands have appeared. We’re not here to tell you who to buy from, but we always recommend choosing quality of ingredients over bold, unsupported health claims or striking packaging. You can read the many customer reviews about Naturecan on sites like Reviews.io or from industry review sites.

With CBD being a medicinal product, it’s clear that quality should be your number one priority. As we can track our ingredients at every stage of the production process, and guarantee the purity, safety and quality of each of our products, you can be confident that Naturecan offers the safest and most effective CBD solutions for your everyday needs.