What does cannabis smell like?

What does cannabis smell like? Cannabis smells

Wondering, what does cannabis smell like? The diversity of cannabis can be shown not only in the genetics of the plants but also in their scent. In this article, we delve deeper into what cannabis smells like and share some tips for removing the smell in different environments.

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What is cannabis?

Cannabis is a plant with the scientific name of Cannabis sativa . It is also commonly known as marijuana or hemp. Cannabis is a perennial plant known for its psychoactive substances such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Historically, cannabis has been used for various medical, industrial and recreational purposes, canabis flowers, leaves and oil can be used for many different purposes. In medical applications, cannabis could possibly relieve pain, reduce nausea and other health ailments.

What does cannabis smell like?

Cannabis has a distinct scent that can be similar to many other plants. In many cases, however, it can be recognised by its spicy, pleasant and rich aroma. Some varieties also have a sweet or fruity aroma. Once you smell cannabis, it’s easy to recognize it elsewhere.

Do CBD flowers smell like regular cannabis?

CBD flowers which are derived from hemp plants bred for high CBD and low THC content, do often smell similar to regular cannabis. This similarity in aroma is due to the presence of various terpenes and other aromatic compounds shared between CBD-rich hemp and THC-rich cannabis.

 The specific scent can vary based on the strain and cultivation methods, but generally, the smell of CBD flowers is comparable to that of traditional cannabis, featuring earthy, floral, or fruity notes. However, it’s important to note that the intensity of the smell can differ, as some CBD flower strains are bred for more subtle aromas.

Do CBD Flowers smell like regular cannabis?

The reason cannabis has its particular smell: Terpenes

What does cannabis smell like? The unique smell of cannabis is primarily due to organic compounds called terpenes. These aromatic compounds are found in many plants and contribute to their fragrance, flavour, and even colour. In cannabis, terpenes play a vital role in differentiating the scent of various strains.

Most Common Terpenes in Cannabis

- Myrcene: Known for its earthy, musky notes, similar to cloves. It’s the most abundant terpene in cannabis, contributing to the sedative effects of certain strains.

- Limonene: Has a citrusy smell and is also found in citrus fruit rinds. It’s known for its mood-lifting and stress-relieving properties.

- Caryophyllene: Exhibits a spicy, peppery aroma. It’s unique because it also acts as a cannabinoid and can interact with the endocannabinoid system.

- Pinene: As the name suggests, it has a strong pine scent. It’s known for its anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator effects.

- Linalool: Offers a floral and lavender scent. It’s recognized for its stress-relieving and anti-anxiety properties.

- Humulene: Delivers earthy, woody tones. It’s also found in hops and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Most common terpenes in Cannabis

Removal of Terpenes in Cannabis Products

Terpenes can be removed during the sourcing of certain cannabis products, particularly those requiring high levels of processing. This includes:

1. Extraction Processes: In the production of cannabis oils, concentrates, and isolates, high temperatures or solvents used in extraction can degrade or remove terpenes.

 2. Purification and Refinement: Products aiming for high THC or CBD purity may lose terpenes during refinement stages.

3. Decarboxylation: This process, which activates THC, involves heat that can evaporate terpenes.

 4. Aging and Storage: Improper storage or prolonged ageing can lead to the deterioration of terpenes, altering the smell and potentially the effects of the cannabis.

Is the smell of cannabis dangerous?

No, the smell of cannabis itself is not dangerous. However, it should be noted that in some environments, especially tight or crowded spaces, a strong odour may pose a problem. In these situations, odour control measures may be necessary to keep the environment pleasant for everyone.

Canabis may also contain high levels of THC , which can have psychoactive effects, so for example children or pregnant women should be kept away from the smell of cannabis.

How to remove cannabis smell?

The cannabis smells can be a concern for neighbours in an apartment building, and its removal can require careful measures. To remove the smell, you can:

1. Ventilate the stairs by opening the windows or using a fan to speed up the ventilation.

 2. Scented candles can also work to mask or neutralise the smell.

 3. If there are textiles in the room, wash all clothes, curtains and other textiles that may carry the smell.

 4. Finally, you can try placing coffee grounds or a bowl of vinegar on the stairs, as they can help neutralise the smell.

How to remote the cannabis smell?

Removing the smell of cannabis on clothes

The cannabis smells can easily stick to clothes, and if you want to remove it, you can try the following methods:

 1. Airing : Hang the clothes outside to air them out. Fresh air helps to neutralise the smell.

 2. Washing : Wash the clothes in the washing machine with a normal washing program. Add a deodorizer or vinegar to the detergent, which can help neutralise the odour.

 3. Deodorizers : Use deodorizers such as activated charcoal or unscented cat litter in the wardrobe.

 4. Freezing : Put the clothes in a plastic bag and freeze them for a few hours. Cold can help neutralise the smell.

 5. Ironing or steaming : Iron the clothes, as the heat can help remove the smell.

How long does the smell of cannabis last?

The duration of cannabis smells can depend on many factors, such as the variety used, conditions, ventilation and the way the cannabis is handled. Generally, the better the ventilation, the faster the smell disappears, and the duration of the smell can vary from a few hours to several days or weeks.

The quality of the cannabis, humidity, room size, drying and storage conditions also affect the persistence of the smell in the air:

In Air: In a well-ventilated room, the smell of cannabis smoke can dissipate within 1-3 hours. In a less ventilated space, it might linger for up to several days.

On Clothing and Fabrics: The smell can remain on clothes and fabrics for several hours to a few days, depending on the fabric type and exposure duration.

In Enclosed Spaces like Cars: Without ventilation, the scent can last several days.

On Hair and Skin: The smell can linger for a few hours up to a day, depending on personal hygiene and the environment.

Remember, these are approximate times and can vary based on factors like the amount of cannabis used, the strain’s potency, and environmental conditions.

CBD flower as an alternative to cannabis

CBD flower is the flower of the hemp plant, which contains mainly cannabidiol (CBD) and no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), unlike traditional cannabis, which contains high concentrations of THC and can cause psychoactive effects.

The smell of CBD flowers can vary from strain to strain, but many describe it as more refined and mild compared to the strong smell of traditional cannabis, as CBD flowers do not contain THC, which is responsible for the strong smell of cannabis.

Many CBD flowers are distinguished by pleasant scent notes that can include floral, fruity, spicy or even resinous scents.

The smell of CBD may seem more refined and subtle, which can be an attractive feature for those who do not like the strong smell of traditional cannabis.


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