Who We Are


Say hello to the faces that make up everything we are at Naturecan! Thanks to our amazing team, we have been able to offer an extensive and exclusive range of quality CBD products and supplements, along with launching websites in over 40 countries worldwide. This allows the Naturecan team to use our global reach to deliver the potential benefits of broad-spectrum CBD to a growing customer base. 

Our founders

Introducing our founders, Andy Duckworth and Paul Finnegan. Together, this duo founded Naturecan in May 2019 – a global wellness brand focused on offering safe, effective and premium CBD products along with supplements such as vitamins and minerals. Our primary goal is to create products that help people live happy and healthy lives and our founders lead the way, each and every day!

Andy DUCKworth

Founder & CEO

Andrew is a former CEO of MyProtein between 2012 and 2018, and the Board of Directors at The Hut Group. At MyProtein, Andrew oversaw the brand become a global leader online in the wellness space, driven by extensive range expansion, and aggressive globalisation.

He also managed and drove the build of a BRC A Grade state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Prior Head of Business Planning at Matalan and Pets at Home, Andrew is also CIMA qualified. 


Founder & Product Director

Paul has worked on Naturecan’s strategy and supply chain for several years, spending a large amount of time in the US sourcing the best quality CBD raw materials in Oregon specifically.

Paul has also overseen the Novel Food Process with the Regulation team and the ACI.

He has also previously made waves in the drinks industry, partnering with Aldi, Asda, TJ Morris, Lidl and many more. 

Advisory Board

Say hello to our Advisory Board – A collection of certified experts in their fields that ensure every Naturecan product checks out at a scientific level. From Human Physiology to Herbal Pharmaceuticals and more, our Advisory Board ensures that Naturecan only offers the highest quality products that you can trust.

Dr Graeme Close Naturecan

Dr Graeme Close

Dr Graeme Close was a former professional Rugby League player turned Professor of Human Physiology at Liverpool John Moores University.

He has now published 150 papers focused on basic and applied short nutrition along with speaking at over 100 conferences across the globe.

Not only this, he is Head of Sports Nutrition for the European Tour Golf and is an Expert Nutrition Consultant to England Rugby and Aston Villa FC over the past 5 years, he has appeared on several TV and Radio Shows including BBC Breakfast News.

Dr Patt Sells

Veterinary director

Dr Pat Sells qualified from the University of Liverpool Vet School in 2007 and is currently a practising UK veterinarian who has published and peer-reviewed literature multiple times.

He also gained his post-graduate certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice while working for the renowned practice, Rossdales, which is the largest hospital in Europe.

Furthermore, He is the Veterinary Executive at Chasemore Farm, a successful British Thoroughbred Owner-breeder and also happens to be the Veterinary Director at Naturecan!

Regs Team

Our Regulations team ensures that Naturecan is equipped with the knowledge of rules and regulations around all things CBD. This way, we can provide you with the most up-to-date, interesting and factual information to inform each and every CBD purchase you make. Hence, you can rest assured you are choosing the right Naturecan product for your needs. 

Pippa Lindsay Murray Naturecan

Pippa Lindsay-Murray

Head of Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory professional with over 25 years of experience in EU & national regulatory and pharmacovigilance within the pharmaceutical industry.

Holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Biological Sciences (Molecular, Biochemistry and Microbiology). Extensive experience working with the DHSC, FSA, FSAI and ACBS for Foods for Special Medical Purposes and all areas of regulatory licensing across European / MHRA & HPRA agencies.

Paul Holmes

Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Manager

Paul is a scientific and regulatory specialist who has previously worked in laboratories in both technical and commercial capacities.

Predominantly testing for large pharmaceutical and tobacco companies, he has built a wealth of scientific and regulatory knowledge across numerous highly regulated industries, working on regulatory submissions to bodies such as the FDA and the MHRA.

He holds a BSc in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry and sits on the UKAS CBD Food Product Approval Expert Group.

Imogen Blackshaw Regulatory Officer Naturecan

Imogen Blackshaw

Senior Regulatory Officer

Registered Nutritionist for the AfN who has worked within the Quality, Technical and Compliance functions for the past four years. Graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a BSc Public Health Nutrition degree. Previously worked at The Hut Group as a Specification Technologist looking after Foods / Food Supplements for MyVitamins, MyVegan, Beauty and Ingenuity categories.

Born and raised in Leicestershire, Imogen decided to make the move up north to expand on her knowledge of all things Nutrition, Food Law and now CBD products. Passionate for all things food, health and well-being.

Hanako Darby Naturecan

Hanako Darby

Regulatory Compliance Officer - Japan

Hanako is half English and half Japanese and communicates using both languages in her daily life.

Holding a BSc in Biochemistry and an MSc in Medicinal Natural Products and Phytochemistry, her love for all things natural grew. While living in Japan, she worked at a large global beauty company for 2 years in their Safety and Quality department.

She enjoys listening to music, dancing and hanging out with her dogs.

Meet the rest of the team

Simon Owen Naturecan

Simon Owen

IT Director

Simon is an award winning developer with over 15 years' industry experience.

His career has ranged from being a University lecturer, a web developer for various charities and E-commerce businesses, a meetup and conference founder (McrFRED, UpFrontConf) and a Front-End Consultant for N Brown Group and the BBC.

He once appeared on National TV in Alex Polizzi's 'The Fixer' wearing a GitHub hoodie and Star Wars trainers! 

Georgia Chappell Naturecan

Georgia Chappell

Digital Copywriter 

Georgia holds a BA Marketing Degree from Manchester University and has a background in lifestyle, health, fashion and CBD Copywriting, helping brands grow their identity through inspiring and informative written content.

Born and bred in Manchester, Georgia lives for all things self-care, long walks, meditation and mindfulness. Introducing CBD into her daily routine has helped Georgia to amplify her favourite hobbies and since then, she has been passionate about the wonders of all things CBD.

Saga Wester Naturecan

Saga Wester

Junior Marketing Executive FI

Up and coming marketing expert who also holds a degree in graphic design. Currently studying marketing on a masters level in Helsinki. Speaks both Finnish and Swedish on a native level.

In her free time, she does all kinds of crafts from pottery to knitting, but also hits the gym as often as she can. Loves spending time with her dog in “the land of a thousand lakes” which is beautiful Finland.

Atsuya Tazoe Naturecan

Atsuya Tazoe 

E-commerce Executive - Japan 

Graduating Oita University with a BA in Economics and is starting a MA in Development Studies at the University of Melbourne, Atsuya is passionate about football and travelling. 

He strongly believes that having CBD in Japanese lifestyles can bring a huge health benefit to all. He's willing to achieve this with Naturecan. 

Mary Yeung Naturecan

Mary Yeung 

Fulfilment Analyst 

Having worked and volunteered on 4 continents outside of Europe, Mary joins the team with a variety of work experiences. 

Learning new languages, cultures and taking every role head on and jumping feet first, Mary will be bringing the same energy at Naturecan. 

Stefan Jarecki Naturecan

Stefan Jarecki

B2B & Polish E-commerce Manager

Stefan has 5 years of experience in International B2B sales, working with well-known supplement brands like Myprotein and BPI Sports (USA). 

Speaking polish and English, he is a passionate advocate of fitness and health. In his spare time, he enjoys lifting weights, along with training in MMA, Judo wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

Jenny Stif Naturecan

Jenny Stif 

Head of Social Media 

Jenny has spent the past five years working in social media, marketing and PR helping brands grow.

Previous to this Jenny worked as a reporter for Trinity Mirror newspapers in both Liverpool and Newcastle, as well as writing for monthly columns in magazines, newspapers and radio presenting.

She has a passion for healthy living, yoga and all things social media.

Aaran Barnes Naturecan

Aaran BarnEs

Finance Director

Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, specialising in E-commerce within the Retail and Fashion industries.

Extensive experience in Commercial Finance, Management Accounting and Business Intelligence including Customer Behavioural Analysis, Digital Marketing Analytics and optimisation.

A passionate advocate of CBD!

Tom Saleh Naturecan

Tom Saleh 

Creative Content

For over a decade, Tom's produced creative content, campaigns and insights for global names across nutrition, sport, food and healthcare.

Brands include Myprotein, Men’s Health, Co-op Food and Change4Life.

Dedicated to living a natural, active life, he loves to share his knowledge of eating right and training smart to help others make their own well-being choices.

Satomi Fujii Naturecan

Satomi Fujii

Brand Marketing Manager - Japan

Satomii brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from her home country, Japan. She focuses on ensuring more Japanese customers get to experience Naturecan's product range. 

Whilst studying for her master's degree, she also worked as a translator for multiple companies and has more recently been an Account Manager for a tech company specialising in on-site engagement and digital advertising. 

Daniel Fernandez Naturecan

Daniel Fernandez 

E-Commerce Manager - Spain

Daniel lives in Barcelona and is passionate about nutrition, health and trail running. 

Daniel has led acquisitions and CRM strategies for Antai's startups - Carnovo in Bcn Tch City, Barcelonas ecosystem, where Glovo and Wallapop were born. 

James Al-Saffar Naturecan

James Al-Saffar 

Senior Management Accountant 

James joined Naturecan from a big four practice background after having trained in audit and accountancy and is also a member of the ICAEW. 

After experiencing the sporting and fitness culture of Florida, James has chosen to work in an industry that matches his own interest of physical wellbeing and health. 

Emily Holloway Naturecan

Emily Holloway

Digital Marketing Manager - Pets Category

Emily holds a BSc Hons in Psychology from the University of Southampton and has a background in digital and offline marketing helping brands find their identity and grow.

Emily lives in the countryside with her crazy dog and loves going on hikes, enjoying nature, and experiencing nice food. Whilst her dog is crazy and confident at home, he can be incredibly anxious when left alone or around new environments. Introducing CBD into his wellness routine has transformed his approach to situations he would previously find stressful. Since this, Emily has been passionate about teaching other pet owners about the benefits of CBD for their pets, so they can live happy healthy lives.

Yuki Sakaguchi Naturecan

Yuki Sakaguchi

E-Commerce Executive - Japan

After completing a degree in marketing and international relations, I worked for a Japanese trading company for several years and learnt international business skills. Then I moved to London, UK, where I am now working as part of Naturecan.

Faizah Razaq Naturecan

Faizah Razaq

Accounts Assistant

Having gained a First-class honours degree in accounting and finance in 2020, Faizah has been working in the finance field ever since. She is excited to learn more about how CBD products can help in everyday life.

In her free time, she enjoys balancing keeping active and healthy in the gym, whilst also enjoying food adventures and plenty of chocolate-filled desserts!

Julien Rosskamp Naturecan

Julien Rosskamp

Customer Success Manager - Dach

Julien has a medical background and has worked in hospitals and healthcare facilities. 

He strives to provide first-class support to our customers using both his excellent knowledge and expertise. For him, customer satisfaction comes first. 

He is also a keen golfer, and musician and has a passion for healthy living. 

Panagiotis Giakoumakis

Panagiotis Giakoumakis 

Global Website Implementation Executive 

Panagiotis has spent the last three years in the digital marketing sector, managing online presence, social media strategy and working with online advertising platforms. 

He joined Naturecan to help improve the company's digital presence. 

Therese Nordstrom Naturecan

Therese Nordstrom

Customer Success Manager - SE & FI

Therese was born and raised in Sweden and lived there for 18 years before moving over to the UK. 

She is passionate about travelling, yoga and enjoying the beauty of nature. 

She has worked in customer retention and acquisition marketing for 10 years, creating trusted brands in both Nordic & English environments. 

Emily Holloway Naturecan

Alex Rinn

Trading Director - Europe

Half German, half mexican, who is passionate about football, fitness and helping people to live a healthier and happier life. 

Background in International Sports Management and a Masters Degree in Management & Digital Business. Previously in change of the Spanish and German markets for Myprotein, The Hut Group. 

Expanding Naturecan to Germany mostly through E-Commerce, Digital Marketing and B2B. 

Sean Addison-Abe Naturecan

Sean Addison-Abe 

Trading Director - UK/Japan

One half of the 'Addison Bros', Sean was born in Tokyo and lived there for 7 years before moving to the UK. A Chinese and Management BA graduate, he is multilingual and loves Asia. 

Prior experience growing Myprotein's Asian market working as an Ecommerce Manager for Japan and Hong Kong, as well as founding a fitness clothing and supplement company. More recently, he worked as a consultant for FitFlop, specialising in digital trade, insight and optimisation. 

Passionat about football, health and food. 

Kenji Addison-Abe Naturecan

Kenji Addison 

Marketing Manager - Japan 

Kenji is half English, half Japanese, and speaks fluent Japanese. 

Driving Naturecan's global expansion into the Japanese market. Using social media marketing, PR and improving client relationships with Japanese businesses. 

Passionate about football and all things health and wellness. Always looking for ways to live a more active, healthy lifestyle. An avid user of CBD for its physical and mental benefits that have been experienced first-hand. 

Saya Mayumi Naturecan

Saya Mayumi

Customer Service - Japan

Learned about CBD while continuing treatment for dermatitis and became interested in its attractive ingredients. Her goal is to help people find out what they can do to help them live healthier lives, both physically and mentally.

Based on her experience in customer service for a long time, she is working hard to ensure that more customers can purchase and use the products with peace of mind.

Dylan de Vrieze

Country Manager - The Netherlands

Meet Dylan, a digital marketing expert with a passion for fitness and health. With a Bachelor's degree in International Business & Management, he has extensive knowledge in online business management.

In his free time, you can find Dylan at the gym, where he indulges his love for staying active and healthy.

He is dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the digital world and is always on top of the latest trends and strategies in the field. With his broad skillset, passion for success and dedication to fitness.

Kazuki Tezuka Naturecan

Kazuki Tezuka

Brand Marketing Executive - Japan

Kazuki holds a BA in Psychology with Business from Bangor University in Wales and has 2-year experience working in various brands in a brand marketing role.

He has enjoyed being a part of Naturecan Fitness and meeting many talented people here in Naturecan.

Rebecca Reischle Naturecan

Rebecca Reischle

Head of E-Commerce - Europe

Rebecca has spent the last three years working in Digital Marketing across France, Canada and England. She has a proven record of E-commerce and Media Planning to drive traffic and increase brand awareness. 

Recently, she oversaw the website and E-Commerce solutions of a portfolio of the world's largest automation groups, along with founding a fitness and lifestyle E-Commerce brand. 

Passionate about healthy living, Rebecca is determined to help Naturecan become the market leader for CBD in the Dach region. 

Valeria Briancesco Naturecan

Valeria Briancesco

Head of Content 

Valeria hails from the beautiful Costa Rica and has dual nationality being bilingual in English and Spanish. Valeria is passionate about travel and fitness, an advocate for healthy living and has been vegan since 2017. 

Valeria's background is in industrial engineering and neuromarketing, with more than 10 years of experience combined. 

Previously, she was an SEO and Youtube Consultant for Myprotein, growing the company's Spanish YouTube channel to +700k subscribers and managing South Europe's YouTube strategy. 

Alessa Decker Naturecan

Alessa Decker

E-Commerce Manager - Dach

I have spent the last 2 years working in Digital Marketing & E-Commerce in the haircare industry, with a focus on natural and vegan products.

Prior, I lived in Copenhagen for 4 years, enjoying the "hygge" lifestyle while studying International Marketing. I love exploring new places and trying new restaurants!

John Horrocks Naturecan

John Horrocks

Replenishment Manager

John Horrocks, an accomplished procurement professional with over 15 years of experience in the retail and healthcare industries. John has spent 10 years building a solid foundation in retail management, working with a variety of companies and brands in various capacities.

John was also an experienced professional in the field of NHS procurement and supply, with a career spanning over 5 years. Throughout this time, he developed a wealth of knowledge and skills in managing inventory and asset life-cycling processes.

Ryuji Yamakawa Naturecan

Ryuji Yamakawa

Procurement Manager Japan

Ryuji has experienced import trade and procurement roles in apparel and cosmetic industries and communicated with a variety of companies from Italy, France, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Loved playing soccer for 10 years since I was 5 years old and got inspired by lots of European countries, which definitely guided me to respect historical European cultures, especially the essential oil field.

Keen to produce CBD cosmetics with natural aromatic essences to give positive effectiveness physically but also spiritually.

Kirill Kopica Naturecan

Kirill Kopica

General Manager USA

With over 9 years e-commerce experience, most notably within the Health & Fitness industry, Kirill joined Naturecan after successfully overseeing 10s of large FMCG clients as General Manager of The Hut Group's Ingenuity Division, having previously excelled at Body & Fit and Myprotein.

As a person who is an avid gym goer and knows the aftermath of a hard workout, Kirill has found the ultimate remedy to a range of ailments in the form of CBD, which is now another of his passions.

Ronnie Honda Naturecan

Ronnie Honda

Senior Brand Marketing Executive - Japan

Since graduating with a First in Branding, Advertising and PR from Middlesex University London, Ronnie has spent time working in Brand Marketing roles in both in-house and agencies over the last 3 years.

Prior experience in growing Myprotein’s Japan Market as Brand Marketing Executive, as well as working at a London-based Advertising agency as Brand Marketing Associate. Dedicated to storytelling through his work, he has a passion for art, music and fitness.

Ryuji Yamakawa Naturecan

Maiko Hamada

Customer Service - Japan

Kirill Kopica Naturecan

Saki Nakashima

PR Executive - japan

Based on her experience interviewing companies and local governments in Japan, Saki has developed an interest in product transparency and corporate branding.

She first discovered CBD in the UK and has personally felt its effectiveness in improving pain, in particular.

Aaran Hood Naturecan

Aaron Hood

Fulfilment & Customer Service Director 

Aaron brings an authentic and analytical approach, with a wealth of experience working across the Supply Chain for global FMCG, health and beauty and sports merchandising retailers. 

Passionate about food and the outdoors, with a keen interest in football. 

Kyle Hogg Naturecan

Kyle Hogg

Affiliates & Partnerships Executive

Ex professional cricketer of 14 years with Lancashire county cricket club. 

Spent 6 years in the live music industry working for SJM Concerts on the logistics of live shows with artists such as Foo Fighters, Coldplay, and Billie Eilish to name a few. 

Keen golfer, cyclist and general sports and music fan. 

Aaron Albinson Naturecan

Aaron Albinson 


Aaron has been working in the digital sector for the past 7 years on a wide range of projects as an in-house developer and alongside some of the top digital and creative agencies in Manchester. 

When he's not behind his computer, you'll find him out on his bike, walking the dog or paying the saxophone. 

Ida Larsen Naturecan

Ida Larsen

e-commerce manager for Denmark and Norway

Has a background in brand management and communication, but has thrown her love on e-commerce. Speaks fluent Danish and English, and is practising Norwegian every day (for better or worse).

 She is passionate about learning, both professionally and personally. Her spare time is divided between friends, family, various projects that can provide new skills, and sports. If you can't find her in the office or at the gym, you'll find her in the kitchen relaxing with baking or in the armchair with a new book.

Goncalo De Mosquera Naturecan

Gonçalo de Mosquera

E-Commerce manager Portugal

With a background linked to civil engineering, since 2015 E-Commerce has become part of his work routine.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and gym are his regular sports, and his hobbies also include cooking and gaming.

Kamila Zielinska Naturecan

Kamila Zielinska

eCommerce Manager – Central & Eastern Europe

With over 6 years of experience in Marketing and eCommerce strategy, Kamila's proud to have become a part of Naturecan’s team and using her skills to help improve the health and wellness of many people around the world.

In her spare time, you’ll find her attending concerts, travelling, writing, watching sci-fi movies, making music, taking photographs and encouraging her family and friends to learn about CBD.

Matt Oakley Naturecan

Matt Oakley

Logistics Compliance Officer 

With over 4 years of experience in domestic and international logistics operations for FMCG, Matt will bring his expertise to the table assisting Naturecan to expand further than ever before.

Eika Sada Naturecan

Eika Sada 

Japan Marketing Executive 

Eika holds a BA in Economics from Oita University and is starting an MA in Fashion Design Management at the London College of Fashion. 

Throughout her marketing role, she seeks to increase the awareness of CBD in Japan, where stress and mental health have been challenging issues. 

Andy Tinge Naturecan

Andy Tinge 

 Design Director

Andy has over 15 years of agency experience with numerous top design agencies, he brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the NC team. He is an all-rounder and a fantastic addition to Naturecan. 

Fedrica Di Addezio Naturecan

Federica Di Addezio

E-commerce Manager – Italy

Federica is an e-commerce manager with a background in digital marketing, helping businesses grow and thrive in the market.

When she's not working, she loves spending time with her friends, cooking delicious Italian food and reading books.

Dean Friday Naturecan

Dean Friday

CEO - Medical Cannabis

Dean is a Chartered Accountant, and has worked in advisory at KPMG, as well as Investment Banking (Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank) and in CFO roles across several industries for both public and private companies.

Dean has also been a Founder and CEO in several technology and cannabis related businesses. Most recently at the LYPHE Group, which is the UK’s largest Medical Cannabis group.

Agathe Mayer Naturecan

Agathe Mayer

E-commerce manager France

Agathe holds a Master in Marketing and has been working in digital marketing/e-commerce for 8 years, among various industries.

During her free time, she likes to travel, practice yoga, ride a bike and cook.

She supports a healthy lifestyle and CBD is definitely a part of it!

Sachiko D'avignon Naturecan

Sachiko D'avignon

Country Manager - Japan 

Sachiko is a native Japanese and has worked in the B2C e-commerce environment for over 10 years in both Japan and the UK. 

Prior working experience is growing UK-based sports site, Wiggle and Chain Reaction Cycles for Asia and EU as the online marketing manager. 

Lewis Stenson Naturecan

Lewis Stenson

Assistant Management Accountant 

After graduating in 2017 with 1st in Accounting and Finance from Leeds Metropolitan University, Lewis has spent time working in London and Barcelona in Finance roles. But most recently, Lewis completed a lifelong dream of a ski season in Italy. 

Passionate about sports and the outdoors, Lewis is excited to explore the properties CBD products contain aiding faster recovery times in fitness. 

Iva Karaivanska Naturecan

Iva Karaivanska 

Junior Developer 

Iva graduated in Law but she found that software technologies were her true calling. 

Working in the IT sector for the past few years, Ive is passionate about fixing software issues, football and following a healthy lifestyle. 

Iva enjoys spending time in nature, travelling and reading about British history. 

Pritesh Patel Naturecan

Pritesh Patel

Senior Commercial Analyst

Pritesh graduated from Durham University with a degree in Accounting & Finance. He has over 8 years of experience in the world of e-commerce, which began with running his own online business and then going on to work for The Hut Group and AO.com.

In his free time, he enjoys seeing different parts of the world, attending football matches and cooking for friends and family.

Dean Friday Naturecan

Karolina Mullerova

E-commerce Manager Czechia

Born and raised in Czechia, Karolina is an adventure, travelling and Latin dancing enthusiast and enjoys all things holistic health and a plant-based lifestyle.

Karolina has a background in E-commerce Strategy and Trading with a BA degree in International Business. She spent the last 4 years helping to grow businesses through various channels and increase brand awareness in the North-Eastern European market environment.

Following her passion for healthy living, Karolina is keen on broadening her perspective on health and well-being through CBD in Czechia.

Wakako Higuchi Naturecan

Wakako Higuchi

Customer Service Advisor - Japan

Successfully manages Amazon and FBA channels for Japan, along with managing relationships with B2B partners. 

Emi Kazizakai Naturecan

Emi Kakizakai

Digital Marketing Manager - Japan

Emi helps with Naturecan's website updates, and CRM email automation, along with social media management and influencer marketing.

Her bobbies include travelling, kombucha making and occasional gym workouts!

Raul Sanz Naturecan

Yuko Kono

Customer Support Representitive

Yuko majored in Economics and worked for an urban planning company in Japan for five years as a sales assistant.

 She then moved to Cardiff for postgraduate study in City and Regional Planning at Cardiff University and worked for several companies in UAE and UK.

  She still lives in Cardiff and enjoys the beautiful nature of Wales.

Luca Katona Naturecan

Luca Katona

E-Commerce Executive - Hungary

Luca is native Hungarian and studies Marketing in the beautiful city of Budapest. She is passionate about cooking, content creation and anything health related. 

With her youthful drive, she's keen on introducing Hungarians to the many benefits of Naturecan CBD. 

Dylan De Vrieze Naturecan

Dylan De Vrieze 

E-Commerce Manager - Netherlands

Dylan enjoys learning about digital marketing so much that he decided to pursue a degree in International Business & Management which he successfully graduated in 2020. After this, Dylan started working in the UK as a digital marketer and got the opportunity to join the E-complete team in 2021. 

Sonja Kaplan Naturecan

Sonja Kaplan

Customer Service - Dach

Through my learned experience at Naturecan, patients are my top priority and its just as important for me that customers are satisfied and all questions are answered. 

Dave Hughes Naturecan

Dave Hughes

Buying Director

Dave has over 20 years experience of in leadership roles within retail buying, working for a variety of businesses in the UK and Australia. 

A large amount of time was spent with the industry-leading retailer Pets at Home. 

John Horrocks Naturecan

Gareth eastwood

Senior Graphic Designer

Born in Oldham and graduated from Huddersfield University with a degree in graphic design. Gareth brings a decade of experience as a designer, having worked in greetings cards, vaping and brand design.

Passionate about typography and clean concise design forever working to the ideal of 'less is more'. A keen guitar player, photographer, and lover of the outdoors.

Dejan Broz Naturecan

Dejan Broz

Country Manager - Croatia

Passionate about fitness and cooking, Dejan has a background in judo, boxing, taekwondo, wrestling and karate.

Dejan claims that thanks to top-quality customer support, Naturecnan products will easily find their way to those whose health and beauty of life come first.

Tom Owen Naturecan

Tom Owen

Country Manager - US

Tom joined Naturecan having successfully overseen the ecommerce responsibilies for the Zavvi brand at The Hut Group.

Having led activities in the North American and European markets, Tom brings over 8 years of experience in ecommerce, marketing and trading.

The Oregon Team

Kiah Gage

Production Manager

From production management of bulk food-grade cannabinoid product lines to project management in R&D and facility cGMP certification, Kiah Suzanne is a versatile leader with a comprehensive scientific background.

Kiah has a strong focus in plant biosynthetic pathways and the therapeutic benefits provided by many of their resultant metabolites. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Genetics & Biotechnology with minor studies in Horticulture and Biochemistry, showcasing her dedication to uphold scientific rigor in the manufacturing of clean, high quality botanical compounds.

Kiah Gage Naturecan
 Ashley Bell Naturecan

Ashley Bell

Office Manager

Human Resources Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) managing the administrative functions of IAH Oregon. With a secure background in industry Compliance and Licensing in Colorado dating back to 2014.

As the companies most senior employee, she has developed the skills to manage a variety of critical tasks that have grown her business acumen immensely. Her primary focus is on the love and development of our team. She finds the most pride in lifting those around her to reach their highest potential and joy.

Ross Procknow

Process Engineer

Ross loves the intersection between manufacturing technology and the plethora of therapeutic organic molecules found in nature.

He is primarily focused on improving efficiency, throughput and safety for primary processes, as well as ensuring manufacturing assets are maintained in accordance with cGMP requirements.

Ross also enjoys delving headfirst into R&D, working with our purification technology to separate novel compounds of interest from otherwise unsuitable material.

Ross Procknow Naturecan